Blood Collection Tube Organizer ( 2 Parts)


Blood Collection Tube Organizer

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The Blood Collection Tube Organizer is comprised of a Blood Collection Tube Dispenser (BC-3200) and the Blood Collection Tube Rack/Lid (BC-3100) The Blood Collection Tube Dispenser holds tubes up to 100mm in length for easy access by the phlebotomist. Once a blood sample is drawn, the tube may be stored in the rack on the top of the dispenser. This rack holds up to 24 tubes, 16 mm in diameter or less. To fill, lift the Rack/Lid and allow the tubes to roll from their package into the dispenser. A sloped bottom guides the tube toward an opening in the dispenser’s front panel. The dispenser and the Rack/Lid may be purchased separately.

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Dimensions 4-34 × 7-12 × 11-14 in


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